Monday, January 11, 2010


We took the kids skating tonight! Ry an earlier Birthday present (skates) because she is going skating this week in school. The kids had a blast! This is something we definetly never did in Saskatoon! It as way too cold to actually enjoy the snow. The girls have also been skiing the past few weeks with their Dad. The are doing awesome! They are both going down the T Bar and Eric took Ry up the Chair. We are taking advantage of living 20 minutes from the ski hill.

Walker loved the Ice, we pulled him around in the sled and he giggled the whole time!

Londyn all bundled UP!


We had a great Christmas! The Kids had great time playing with their cousins...Here are the Schaffer Grandkids!!! (minus Ryker). What a good looking bunch of kids, Grandma and Grandpa are so lucky!!!

We have been seeing a lot of this lip lately. Londyn started making strange over Christmas. She is definetly a Momma's girl!!!

Here our my cute MONKEY'S...I love these kids!

Our Little Londyn

These past few months have gone by so fast and Londyn is growing up way to fast! Here are a few pictures of my baby girl! Three Months!

The Blessing Day!

Two Months!

One Month!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Londyn Elaine Nelson

She arrived Oct. 1 2009 at 2:10 am, weighing 6lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

The kids were so exicted to meet their new sister. Rylee is home helping me with Londyn, while Taya and Walker are spending the week at Grandma's. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Starts SOON!!!

Summer has gone by so quickly! I am however looking forward to a school starting in the fall, and of course ending this extremely long pregnancy. We are down to the last month!!! Not sure how it will be with four kids. Rylee will be in Grade One and is very excited. Rylee and Taya are both starting gymnastics and Rylee is starting her second year of piano. We are hopefully going to wean Walker from ME and his blanket!!! Potty training is on hold for now, since he wants nothing to do with the potty. I need Geniel to take him for a week. (I would pay good money too!!!) Eric has been loving work, I have been loving the pay checks! It is hard to believe while you are in school that you will actually get paid one day. So we are working on paying off all the loans! We are loving Cranbrook, besides the fact there is no shopping, but I have been finding ways around it. Eric is currently looking for a truck, he quoted "I deserve it! I have been driving a mini van, and riding a bus for the last 7 years" yes you do deserve it. I hope he finds his Man truck soon!!!


Of course we also hit the Cardston parade and this year Rylee decided to ride in the parade instead of collect candy! She is her father's daughter when it comes to sweets. Taya on the other hand couldn't give up the candy.

Here is the only picture I have of my prego belly. I would of been 31 weeks!!!


These are a few pictures of what we have been doing all summer. Natural Hot Springs! The kids loved them and it was fun to have Rob, Christy, Ashley and all of the cousins, come visit.

The kids have been playing out here a lot! This is the best part of our new house. A fenced back yard!!!
We spent a weekend in Calgary with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. Took the kids to the zoo, waterslided at the hotel and of course a little shopping.

The Cabins are a must every summer. We couldn't keep walker out of this hammock.

And of course Riding Velvet. Rylee and Taya went on their annual fishing trip with Eric and the rest of the Nelson clan. No fish were caught this time, but Eric claims the fish all died in the winter??? Ya right! Rylee has decided that it is time to pass velvet on to Taya and next year she gets to pick a new horse to call her own. Good thing Grandpa has over 60 horses to choose from.


So I am a little late posting but Eric Graduated after 7 long years of school. He is now offically Dr. Nelson! Which is kinda weird, He is still Dad and Eric to us. We are very proud of him and all of that hard work. I don't think anyone knows how long and hard it is until they go through it! Eric was lucky to go through his education with Armes. Who knew that these Cabin Boys from Mt. View would be Dr.'s one day...

This is a picture of the Mormon gang! From Left to Right: Jen, Conner, Eric, I, Erin, Dustin, Armes & Becky. There class was a total of 27 students, four of who were members.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taya Turns 4!

Taya Celebrated her 4th birthday today. It was pretty low key with both Eric and I sick today. Eric did wake up and make her a pancake breakfast. Followed by opening of presents. Which Taya informed me yesterday that it was okay that I was sick I could just pass her presents to her. Eric did try to take the girls fishing today at request from Taya but after 4 hours she said Mom we couldn't find the lake so we will fish next time, to finish it off we had Turtle Cheesecake for dessert. (Taya's pick) This picture is for Grandma! We are headed home next week for Eric's Grad and I just wanted to send you a picture of what was coming to visit.

Victoria Day!!!

We took the Kids out on Victoria Day to Fort Steele (which is a heritage town just outside of Cranbrook). We were watching Grace Bevans for the week and decided that since it was a nice day(26 degrees) we would attempt to go out with two toddlers. The girls learned to pann for Gold and thought it was pretty cool.

This was the Dental Office! It had some pretty old equipment in it, good thing there has been a few updates since then. (1898 is when this town was build)

Here are the girls already for church. Ry and Taya just love Grace and now have decided they want another sister, not brother. She is such a cutie and very easy going. We had a lot of fun with her while she was here.

Walker not wanting his picture taken! But he always looks so handsome on Sunday that I tried my best to get it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here are a couple pictures from our easter egg hunt! Walker showing off his chocolate. I couldn't get him to look at me he was too happy. Duke in the background loved it. The girls and Rueger with all there eggs. This was like the first nice day so the kids were just happy to be outside. Ry and Taya are going to miss Rueger and Briggs (not in the picture). These kids have grown up together so it is going to be sad when we will be 6 hours apart.

In 10 days...

I always put these in the wrong order, but here it is.... This is a picture of our house!!! This is an angle shot and I love that we are not surrounded by neighbors. It is nice to have the trees right behind us too. This was taken back in March so hopefully it is a lot green by the time we get there. This is about double the size of what we have been living in, so I am looking forward to a lot more room. The yard is fully landscaped with a play set in the back. (the kids are super excited). And finally our dog is going to be an outside/garage dog and not an inside dog. It has a huge heated garage for storage, 5 bedrooms, an awesome en suite to our bedroom, a/c, and much more. We will definitely miss Saskatoon (not our tiny condo), we have made a lot of great friends here. 7 years of -40 degree winters did us in so we are looking forward to the mild winters of BC. We our lucky to only be two blocks from Brett and Christy, and approx. 8 blocks from Scott and Heidi.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have been so busy this last month and a half! After showing our condo many many times, it finally is SOLD!!! What a relief this has been. It is no fun cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning and then having to get rid of three kids and a dog. Thanks to my great friends for the help. Eric spent two long weeks up in Northern Sask. for school. So the kids and I headed home for two 1/2 weeks. Thanks Mom and Dad I know we over stayed our welcome but we really appreciated it.

Then off to Cranbrook to find a house! After two long days of seeing house after house we finally made an offer!!! YAY. I never new that it was so hard to find a five bedroom house...Yes that's right we have to make room for our UNEXPECTED SURPRISE coming early October.

So we move May 1st to Cranbrook, BC. I will be sad to move away from Saskatoon and especially good friends, but we are lucky to be moving close to other good friends. We are excited for warmer weather, and to finally start paying off the debt we have accumulated over the past 7 years.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things About ME!!!

1. I think I can finally admit that I have OCD with cleaning my house. I also know it drives Eric nuts.
2. I am not an animal lover but I hate to admit that our puppy DUKE is growing on me everyday.
3. I hate feet especially foot rubs!!!
4. I wear my socks to bed. (this goes along with #3 I don't like my feet touching while I sleep)
5. I stress about everything.
6. I get really nervous while flying and always imagine the worst possible outcome. I hate flying without Eric.
7. Saskatoon has really grown on me. It has taken my 7 years to realize that I will really miss it when we move.
8. I don't like to try new things. I stick with what I know.
9. I hate wearing jeans during the day. I only put them on when I have too.
10. I also hang my jeans to dry because I love them crusty when I first put them on. Thanks to my sis. for introducing this to me. I also IRON everything, this comes from may long hours of ironing clothes as a child.
11. It drives me crazy when Eric sleeps in! I am definitely a morning person and he is the complete opposite.
12. I am usually open and honest with my opinions and tell people what I think! I inherited that from the Schaffer's.
13. I call home usually once a day! (sometimes every other). Eric thinks that between all of us girls we probably drive my mom crazy.
14. I rolled the Driver`s Ed. car in high school, and still passed!
15. I drives me crazy when women act like they are still in high school. Get over it and grow up we are all adults.
16. I love to run and spin.
17. I weight myself daily and only first thing in the morning.
18. I still bite my nails as a nervous habit. My parents tried breaking it many times.
19. I have to do my kids hair everyday, I can`t stand it when parents don`t comb their kids hair.
20. I love to shop! But there is only an elect few who I can shop with. Otherwise I prefer to shop alone or with my kids.
21. I love dessert!!! Anything with chocolate and cheesecake. I will cut my calories on the main dish so that I can eat two of dessert.
22. I am definitely not the cabin girl that Eric probably wished I was!!! Lucky for him he has two daughters that love to camp, fish, & horseback ride. I hate camping, and will only willingly go if it is at the cabins (which if anyone has been to the cabins it is like high end camping). I only like to fish if it involves a long hike to begin with. Horseback riding is not really my thing. I do usually ride once a summer to keep Eric happy.
23. I don't have a good sense of style! (hair, clothes etc). I am just lucky I have three sisters and my mom who keep my updated.
24. I love staying home with my kids, and have a greater appreciation of how lucky I am going from a full time working mom to now a stay at home mom.
25. I love to stay home on a Friday night, watch a movie with Eric and eat popcorn and smarties. The perfect date night CHEAP!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Quilting 101

One of the goals I made for myself this last year is that I was finally going to learn how to sew. I took a quilting class with a few friends. I made a patch quilt and it turned out pretty good for my first time. I don't have a picture yet, but it is on display in my mom's living room. This is my attempt to make my second quilt with no help. Thanks goodness this photo is very forgiving. I am not sure how one end ended measuring an inch longer than the other. I am sure Rylee or Taya won't notice. The girls have been begging me to make them blankets. They love to cuddle on the couch. So here is one of them. The second one will be coming soon. It isn't quite finished I have yet to learn how to applique. Hopefully Heather will give me a lesson next week. She has been my mentor in sewing. So Christy this picture is for you. I spent about 5 hour sewing tonight so I could post it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Believe it or Not...

Believe it or not but this is only 4 weeks worth of Growth. This kid's hair is way more high maintenance than both of my girls. I usually take him to get it cut but we can only visit each salon once because usually it is traumatizing for both walker and the hair dresser. My friend Amy has cut it a few times but was happy to here that his Dad is his new hair dresser. Surprisingly he was very good, no screaming or crying. Taya found it funny that he was growing hair on his back!!!

And the Finished product. He is so handsome with his new cut (which looks exactly like Eric's), but what else should I expected. Just call him Eric Jr.

We are BACK...

Yes we are home! I am a little slow in updating my blog but here it finally is. We celebrated our Christmas holiday in Hawaii this year with our kids and Grandma And Grandpa Schaffer, and Ashley and Ryker. It was a lot more work than with thought but overall we had fun. Eric started off sick before even reaching the Calgary airport. That sickness then travelled through out almost all of us. Grandma, Grandpa, Walker and Ryker managed to stay healthy. After an almost 9 hours on the plane with two babies screaming 75% of the trip we were happy to finally land in Hawaii. We spent the next ten days playing on the beach, shopping, and touring the island. The girls had a blast!!! I think on the plane ride home we beat our record of screaming than on the way there. We were happy to return home to our Canadian roots, only to find out that after sitting in -30 degrees for two weeks both of our cars would not start. We spent New Years in Mountain View with the Nelson's. The girls (and Eric) received their long awaited puppy "DUKE". We are happy that after all the fun and caois to finally make it back to Saskatoon. Grandma and Grandpa made new rules after spending the holidays with us that 1. Grandkids have to be ten to travel. 2. That they support Eric with his decision to stop having anymore kids, that 3 is enough!!!

We are excited for these next few months!!! Eric is done school in the middle of April. We haven't seem much of him lately as he is studying for boards in mid-March. Thanks to Nathan Wolsey we came home to a freshly painted house. Which we will be putting up for sale early spring, (cross your fingers it will sell). We will be off to Cranbrook, BC this spring where Eric will associate for a Dentist for a short while and then buy the practice in the near future. We are excited to move closer to family and a lot warmer weather.